what to expect

Booking a photographer may not be something you’re familiar with or do very often. You might feel like you have a hundred questions or no idea how this all works? Well I’ve got good news for you… I do this all the damn time and I freakin love it so I can help walk you through exactly what to expect so that everyone’s on the same page and you can leave the nerves behind.

If I’ve caught your attention enough for you to be looking at the experience, then come say hello, send me a message and let’s chat! 

We’ll talk about what you’re looking for, what I’ll do for you, budget, what to expect, and any other question you might have.

If you’re vibing with everything we talked about, and you’re ready to book with me, you’ll sign a contract, drop me a deposit, and the date is all yours. 

Let's chat and see if we vibe

I’ll keep in touch with you between the date of your session/wedding, making sure we’re both riding the same wave. I’ll make sure you feel totally prepared, send you a what to wear guide, questionnaire that helps me get to know the cutie(s) I’ll be working with and I will always be available for questions along the way. 

I’ll check in with you a few days before to see if there’s any last minute things you need in order to prepare and I’ll send you a run down of our day/session as well as meeting points/locations of the day. 

what happens after you book?

Our day is here, we’re all big stoked, we do a little dance, share some big laughs, maybe grab some grub (I’m down, if you’re down). We all celebrate because we just did the dang thing and we’re probably besties now too!

I’ll send ya some sneak peaks asap (within 48 hours) because odds are I’m just as excited to edit as you are to see some pics.

Your full gallery will be an online private gallery where you can download your photos at high resolution with unlimited downloads. Elopements and Intimate weddings deliver in 6-8 weeks. Full sessions deliver in 3-4 weeks. 

what's going down the day of and when will you receive your photos?

Are you down for a fun and stress-free adventure?

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